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All About Stickies Notes Software

If you need Freeware Software for place virtual sticky notes around your desktop like Windows Vista,please try some Programs here.There are 100% Free!

1). ATnotes 9.5
ATnotes is a software program which creates Post-it like notes on the Windows desktop.The user interface is provided through an icon in the taskbar Notes are fully customizable in fonts, colors, sizes and in many other aspects of appearance (e.g., text color and border color for each note, each setup appearance can be saved as a profile to be restored quickly). Each note can have a single or repeated alarms, with visual and audio alarm signal. Notes can be hidden until manually activated or until a specified date/time.

You can minimize notes to the first line of text and restore the note size to fit the whole text. It supports opening URLs, e-mail adresses and file shortcuts in notes with the associated program. An overview of all current notes in the note list is provided, with the features of note searching, folder organizing of notes. There is Hotkey support for important functions. The program also support note sending, to other computers in a local network.

Website :
Download here :
ATnotes 9.5

2). EasyNotes 0.4.0
EasyNotes is a notes program that allows the organization of many notes into a single file. All the notes that you create can be organized in a tree structure and they can also have rich text formatting.

Download here : EasyNotes 0.4.0

3). Freebie Notes 3.29
Freebie Notes is an easy to use electronic self-stick notes (stickers) manager for your home and office.You can create notes of custom sizes and colors and set different types for your notes. Freebie Notes features: unlimited number of notes, notes autosaving, notes database editor, fast notes displaying time setting (Quick alarm settings). Note displaying can be accompanied by standard windows sound alarms or users' sounds in wav format. The most important note can be declared as VIP-note displaying with a blink and sound accompaniment. The application has a nice convenient interface.Freebie Notes is a program that allows you to create and edit computer stickers.
Here are some key features of "Freebie Notes":
· create electronic notes (stickers)
· edit stickers in the advanced mode
· specify the date and time of reminder
· customize the default parameters of electronic notes (their size, text, background and title color, position on the desktop, transparency)
· Extra small stickers creation
· Don't Show" alarm settingsm.

Website :
Download here : Freebie Notes 3.29

4). FreeNote 1.262
FreeNote is a free software application that let you place virtual sticky notes around your desktop.What is the best place to write notes and memos on? Of course your PC desktop, where they are all visible at a glance. FreeNote let you create a number of virtual sticky notes around your PC screen.FreeNote also offers the option to personalize your notes colors, dimensions and behaviour, a quick note content Internet search utility.FreeNote includes a multi-language interface. Laguages supported at the moment are: English, Italian and French but others are on the way. This software includes the option to install bundled applications including the My Search toolbar and Comedy Planet browser. The installation is opt-in so you can choose whether or not to install each item. If you decide to install, you will be able to remove them at will using the Install/Uninstall applet of the Windows Control Panel.

Download here : FreeNote 1.262

5). Note-It
Need to add a note to your desktop, but don't want it getting lost beneath a group of windows? Then use Note-It. Note-It allows your to choose between two modes: Normal - reacts similiar to a standard windows form, or On-Top - Forces the Note-It to remain on top of any window.Note-It is a software that allows you to manage and edit text files.Notes will span Windows sessions. Notes will not be lost when Windows restarts. Open and Save notes.See your fonts with any color scheme - you control fore and background colors. Show Special View notes and display information like computer memory and hard drive space. Control font formatting.
Here are some key features of "Note-It":
· Drag text to and from any application
· Multinote manager
· Alarm / Reminder special note
· Persist windows sessions
· Control the transparency of a note - let notes fade to the background
· Print contents of the note
· Email contents of the notes or just selections
· Allow you to save and open notes - includes all formating
· Provides special notes that provide updated information
· Paragraph options: Bullets, Indents, and Alignment
· Spell checker.

Website :
Download here : Note-It

6). RememberNotes 1.1.0
RememberNotes is a freeware application developed to help you see sticky notes at user-defined moments.
Here are some key features of "RememberNotes":
· RememberNotes allows a user to store notes and have them popup in dedicated windows on wanted days.
· A note is made of a title, a message, and rules defining when it will have to popup.
· The title may be omitted. If you don't add one, RememberNotes will use the date of the day as title.
· You may also ask the programme to add the date of the day next to the title you entered.
· Title length is limited to 30 characters (including date-addition symbols, see help).
· A message is required. It can be up to about 32000 characters long.

Website :
Download here : RememberNotes 1.1.0

7). Sticker Lite 5.1
Sticker Lite is a freeware Stickies organizer for Windows Sticker Lite is ideal sticky note software for home and office that helps you record and manage important information in a quick and easy way and post it on computer desktop. Download Desktop Sticky Notes software - Sticker Lite!
You can use sticky notes & reminder software to send sticky notes and reminders over LAN or the Internet. sticky notes & reminder software is perfect tool communicating with your friends and colleagues. Using sticky notes & reminder software you can create sticky notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over LAN or the Internet. Sticky notes and reminders will appear on the recipient desktop just as they were on yours. Secure Reminder can be used as a reminder service - you can set up one-time and recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly, custom time interval) alarm for each note you send to your friends or co-workers to remind them about daily tasks or special dates and events using different alarm actions. Using our sticky notes and reminder software you can also send notes via email.
Here are some key features of "Sticker Lite":
Individual visual appearance for each desktop sticky note
· The appearance of desktop sticky notes is highly customizable. Desktop Sticky notes settings are saved automatically.
· Changing desktop note size. You can change desktop sticky note size using zoom commands or manually.
· Transparency. Only for Windows 2000/XP. You can vary the degree of desktop sticky notes transparency from 0% to 100%.
· Title customization (background color, font, font size, font color).
· Body customization (background color, font, font size, font color).
Send desktop sticky notes
You can use Sticker Lite to send/receive notes to/from your friends or colleagues over LAN or Internet. The notes will appear on the recipient desktop just as they were on yours. To receive notes your friends and colleagues must have Sticker Lite 5.0 or higher version or another program installed and running on their computers. Note: receiving notes is not available on Windows 95/98/ME.
Set up default settings for newly created desktop sticky notes
· Default title properties: font color, background color, font.
· Default body properties: font color, background color, font, use default image as background.
· Default note properties: size, priority, transparency, show attach panel, auto lock, use random colors for new note.
Efficiently organize desktop sticky notes on the desktop
The position of every digital note on the screen is changeable. You can drag-and-drop your notes/post digital notes anywhere you want in your desktop. Desktop Sticky notes will not clutter your desktop and disturb your work as you can create desktop notes with different priorities, hide digital notes or post digital notes on the desktop, show only digital note's title and use transparency effect - that allows organize your desktop the way you want it. Three desktop note's priority levels. Using Sticker Lite (free desktop post notes software) you can create and use desktop sticky notes with different priorities (high, normal, low). Desktop Sticky notes with low priority are hidden under other windows; hide icon is yellow . Desktop sticky notes with normal priority are organized to keep standard Windows order; hide icon for such notes is green . Desktop sticky notes with high priority are always on the top, they have red hide icon .
· Show/Hide desktop sticky notes.
· Show/Hide desktop sticky note's body.
· Transparency. Only for Windows 2000/XP. You can vary the degree of digital note transparency from 0% to 100%.
Protect desktop sticky notes from casual delete using lock/unlock commands. You can protect desktop sticky notes from casual delete using lock/unlock commands.
Desktop Notes "Auto lock" function
If this option is on, desktop sticky notes will be automatically locked after the set period of time.
Export/import desktop sticky notes database
Using export/import feature you can easily export/import desktop notes database from one version to another or between different products.Automatically save desktop sticky notes Sticker Lite (post digital notes freeware/digital note pad) automatically saves all desktop sticky notes changes as soon as they occurred. So there is no need to save your notes manually. That way important information will never been lost.Easily access desktop sticky notes and program options from the system tray Sticker Lite icon resides in the system tray menu You just need to click the program icon in the system tray to create and manage desktop sticky notes or access any program options. Goto option. Use this option to activate the certain desktop note.

Website :
Download here : Sticker Lite

8). Stickies 6.7a
Stickies was designed to store all information in a single text-based ini file.Stickies will never support animated dancing figures, or play "Greensleeves". They are instead yellow rectangular windows onto which you can put some text notes. Once created, they will stay on screen until you take them away. Just like a real sticky piece of paper.
How to use Stickies:
If you use Stickies as a reminder program:
· Send a sticky to sleep to hide it until you need to be reminded
· Set recurring reminders to be reminded at a set time every day, week or month
· Set an alarm to have a sticky grab your attention at some point
· Change sticky colours to show different priorities, and change appearance quickly using styles
· Press and hold the control key, and then scroll the mouse wheel to make the sticky text larger or smaller
· Use bullets to make keeping a list simpler
If you send Stickies over the network:
· Quickly send a sticky back after adding some text by pressing control-r to reply
· Send stickies in secret mode to allow the recipient to choose when to call the sticky up onto screen
· Force all incoming stickies to secret mode if you prefer not being interrupted with incoming messages
· Get a task-tray balloon when someone sends you a secret sticky to see who it's from
· Set up logging so that you can keep a record of all stickies you send and receive
· Apply your style to the text you add, so you can quickly and easily see who said what when a sticky is passed back and forth in a conversation
· Set some favourite friends to quickly send to some other users or groups of users
· Set up Stickies to use an SMTP server to which it will send stickies which can't be instantly transmitted
· Set the address of another copy of Stickies on the Automation tab to keep your friends list up-to-date
If you use Stickies to store information:
· Use rolled up mode to fit as much information on screen at once
· Enable direct sizing, and scroll up and down stickies with a large amount of text on them
· Set the title bar text to summarise what information is on the sticky
· Hide and show all stickies with the keyboard shortcut to quickly bring back your information
· Store URLs on them, and then double-click the URL open it
· Make stickies transparent normally, and then turn opaque when you edit them
· Use Stickies Store to squirrel away information you don't access too often.

Website :
Download here : Stickies

9). StickyPad 2.2.50
StickyPad is a very useful and easy-to-use free software that lets you place sticky notes on your Windows main screen. You can type notes to yourself, set meeting and appointment reminders, keep track of a to-do list, and anything else you would do with paper notes.Your notes can be printed, pasted into other applications, or emailed to coworkers. You can even make notes translucent and have them float above your other windows, so you can see both your note and what you are working on.When you log off, StickyPad remembers all of your notes, and when you log back on, your notes are still there. Once you try it, you won't want to work without StickyPad again.

Website :
Download here : StickyPad 2.2.50

10).Two Notes 1.67
With a very user-friendly interface, Two Notes is a handy and easy to use desktop sticky notes application for office or at home.
Stick notes on your computer desktop as a visual reminder. The notes stick to the desktop and doesn't prevent your working.
With Two Notes program you can change the color of your notes, font, size, signature, style and more.You can create your own note templates too, download now!
Here are some key features of "Two Notes":
· minimize in title
· templates of notes
· hot keys

Website :
Download here : Two Notes 1.67

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